Kassabella her brother Ernie and their family.

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Kassa and Ernie
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While writing my story of Kassa I decided to share the stories of other dogs and owners fight against this horrible beast.
I have several to be told. I will put them all together and link them. As this is a work in progress I am putting them here until they have their own pages.
Jasmine and her owner Erins story.
Jasmine  is and 11 yr old Shepherd/Lab mix.She was diagnosed with Oestoesarcoma of the upper jaw on August 2004.
To read her story please visit her web site http://mindbuilders.net/jasmine/

Beau, and his owner J.C. Woodward.
JW emailed this story to me on the 4th September 2005
  Beau was diagnosis around 18 months ago with Bone Cancer in his lower jaw. At the advice of my Veterinarian I took him to Vet that specializes in Cancer in dogs.  At his advice Beau was operated on and part of his lower jaw, with the accompanying teeth were removed.  This surgery caused him to takes weeks to recover from and after a number of consultations with the Surgeon it was decided not to tax him with Chemo.

My thought has always been the quality of his life first and foremost.
Those additional 18 months were joyous and he remained my loyal companion.
He along with my family vacationed on the Maine coast and he became a Rock
Hound jumping from the large boulders that you find on that coastline.
These times are special to me and sustained me in this void I am in at

To continue with his treatment.  Around three months ago the Tumors came
back very aggressively on his effected gums surrounding the part of the jaw
that was left.  At that time a decision was made to deride the tumors and it
did give us additional time.  His appetite was the one measuring point we
knew would indicate the end was near, but before that became a reality
bleeding became the main issue along with what seemed to be the
uncomfortable way he was forced to eat and drink. So, again trying to do my
best for him I consulted the Vets.  They felt he may have some additional
days, but they would have been for me, and not in Beau's best interests.
So, sadly I made the decision to have him euthanized. As his last breath
left his body I prayed my spirit would accompany him on his journey.

Many say, that we will meet our pets an love ones again.  If we don't I
cannot believe it would be Heaven to me.  I have been blessed with many fine
animals, and their loyalty and devotion has shown me what I believe we as
people could learn from them.  Their ability to be none judgmental has to be
the greatest gift they offer us.

I will share one finding I made as I researched this disease.  The
researchers at Univ. of Penn. believe the canine cancers we are now facing
are traceable to specific dogs that breeders have chosen money over the
health of the breed.  As I live one county East of Lancaster County,
Pennsylvania where for years Puppy Mills were adding sick dogs into the
popular breeds, and now those dogs have breed into the main stream.  Once
again greed may play a role in the destruction of all life on this planet.

So, if I may I offer this to all potential pet owners.  Before you purchase
or breed a dog know what effect they may have on the future of the breed.
If there's any doubt, do not purchase the animal, or if you do have them
spayed.  Once we isolate the contamination of our pets we can best find a
solution.  We as people make these decisions because animals can't, so we
have to be the monitor of what's right.

Finally, as I have read the emails of pet owners that are making decisions
on what actions to take on their pet I have to ask if the decision they are
making is for the animal or themselves?  In many I'm not sure.  I can only
share this with you.  As a Viet Nam Veteran I have seen horror and
compassion.  So, please where you can show compassion to others and to the
pets that you have the power over to return their true loyalty and
compassion.  Men and women are at sometimes asked to make choices that are
beyond the threshold of emotional pain.  But, we must remember we have put
ourselves in a position where this goes with territory. Grief is a burden no
one wants!  But, if you make certain choices you have to deal with some
realities that we may outlive the animals we love.  In my 59 years I have
outlived Jo-Jo the cat, Ricky a mixed breed dog, Coo-Coo a pure breed
beagle, Dexter the wonder cat, and now Beau.  Also in my lifetime I have
suffered the loss of Field Trial Dogs, Horses and pets that either my
parents or friends have owned.  All of these have effected me.  But, I have
to continue to be a pet owner.  As long as there's one castaway dog or cat
that I can manage to provide a home, I will.


foot note. I am not sure how old Beau was. I am not sure the exact date he went to the rainbow bridge, It was about 1st September 2005.
Run free from pain Beau.

This story was sent to me by Libby. dated 8th September 05.I  have not been able to contact her for permission to use this so will not add her last name.
I just had to have my 4 year old Beardie put down three weeks ago with cancer.  He had it in his top jaw.  My vet told me it was inoperable and there were no other treatments that were feasible.  At the beginning they took out all of the teeth on the affected side and I so regret letting them do it.  It didn't make any difference to the cancer and it wasn't fair putting him through the stress of anesthetic and discomfort of surgery.  We gave my boy steroids (prednisone) which reduced the discomfort of the cancer and we had about 3 months from diagnosis. Anyway wish I could offer more positive help and I so hope someone else can but tell your friend to enjoy each day with her dog and make some special memories.  One consolation is that the dogs themselves don't know.    
take care