Kassabella her brother Ernie and their family.

Kassabella. Kennel Name:- Once upon a Dream

Dedicated to Kassabella.
Kassa and Ernie
Kassa story
Our Oesteosarcoma ordeal
The diary.
More stories of Jaw Cancer.
JL and amazing kindness.
J.L.Tribute to kassa
Ernies Story.
Kassa & Ernie stories
Sleeping with dogs - to help you smile

Every morning Kassa went to her house with toast.

I had always like cats, and when my cat died I went to get another. They didn't have any so I looked at the puppies.I wanted one. My family wanted a Lab. I rang up about one and they had 2 black females, and one chocolate male.
I didn't want a black dog nor a big dog, but the family insisted so I went to have a look. Just a look.
Several hours later and $600.00 less in my bank I was sitting on the couch with the most beautiful black Lab. We were unprepared for a puppy. No food, bedding,or toys.
I named her Kassa Bella. Her grandparents were from Finland and Kassa means cash or money (which she cost a lot of) and Bella means beautiful. She certainly was this.
She got into everything. Ate telephone cords, shoes, mats, everything.
I decided this dog was going to be trained. I wanted a dog that didn't run away and was obedient. Her and I went to work. She was a quick learner and would get my slippers, get her bowl, sit stay and still pull on the lead. If I was home late my slippers would be at the door waiting.
At night when I said bed she would rush in and pull my blankets back. I never taught her this. She picked up her toys at night, did tricks and made me laugh. Kassy loved stuffed toys and if anyone came to the door she would be first there with a teddy or elephant in her mouth, and bark with the toy in her mouth. Beat the burglars with a stuffed toy. She would then do the Lab wiggle. Her behind would wiggle so much it nearly hit her head and sometimes she almost fell over with excitment. I miss the labby wiggle.
Kassa loved to chew wood. She went through 3 gates. The first time she did it  she was about 12 months old.I came home and she was running around the back yard. Cross bars were put on the gate and she still managed to get her head out.
She drooled  at the thought of food, had a twinkle in her eye ,could be very naughty, and loved mischief. If I had my head in a cupboard, then hers would be squashed in beside.
She sat on my knee and we would go to sleep.  I really miss this.I would think about moving or doing something and she would get up.
We had a bond and I am sure she knew what I was thinking.
 She was pretty, gentle, had a spark in her eye and something about her made you fall in love.She loved people and people loved her.
This black Labrador I didn't really want had stolen my heart.

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