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Dedicated to Kassabella.
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Kassa had been prescibed Prednisone for a rash and  one night I was told this could do her serious harm. I came home and looked on the internet to find information. I found some, but had to join a U.S.A. based  group called Just Labs forum. I wasn't sure about internet groups but joined to get the information.
Everyone was kind and helpful and wanted to see a pic of Kassa and asked me about N.Z.  I had to show off my Kassy and after many hours of help from several people they saw her photo. One they loved was one of her after she had eaten her gate.
 I found the people all very helpful and enjoyed reading the stories.
I had not been in for months when Kassa was diagnosed with cancer. The forum cried with me. These wonderful caring people didn't even know my name.They all supported me on our roller coaster ride in our fight to beat the disease.
At Xmas someone suggested a secret santa. I joined in and sent my parcel off. Kassa started to receive Xmas cards from the forum. Then came the day I will never forget.
 Kassas' xmas  gift arrived. It was a huge box of toys, books to cheer me up, a photo frame, bandanas.
Linda had Kassas' name  & asked if anyone would like to include a small gift. The response was over whelming. I could not believe  that people I did not know had been so generous. All I could do was stand there and say, "Oh my god, look at this" and cry. I still do when I think of it.
Kassa could not open all the gifts in one night. She too was overwhelmed. (photos in the album)
A few days later a beautiful big gingerbread man came in the post and several weeks later a silver plaque of a Labrador. Each time  a gift arrived I stood there not believing how amazing these people were.
When my Kassy died the forum cried and hurt with me. There was a wonderful tribute to Kass, they collected money and sent flowers. I received an email saying they had money for Kassa. Could they send it for her vet bills, or go towards another pup, or a charity. I was still so overwhelmed by all the kindness and thought we had been given so much. It was time another needy dog shared this with us.
The money was sent to Lab Med in the J.L. name for Kassa and a special paw print  organised.
Several weeks later I received a hand painting of Kassa. I stood there once again crying. What they didn't know was, I had wanted one for a long time and could not afford to buy one.
 I do not know what Kassy and I did to deserve such kindness from a group of amazing people, but I will treasure the memory for as long as I live.
Thank you all the people at the Just labs forum. You helped me through a very difficult time and without your support I don't think I could have coped.

The J.L. toys

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