Kassabella her brother Ernie and their family.

Ernie. Roughfield: Follow Your Dream

Dedicated to Kassabella.
Kassa and Ernie
Kassa story
Our Oesteosarcoma ordeal
The diary.
More stories of Jaw Cancer.
JL and amazing kindness.
J.L.Tribute to kassa
Ernies Story.
Kassa & Ernie stories
Sleeping with dogs - to help you smile

Ernie came to live with us when his owners Feng Yang and Soh Hoon and their family went back to Singapore, in June 05, after their time in the Embassy was finished.
They loved Ernie and parting from him tore at their hearts.
I have been told things happen for a reason. For  me,Soh Hoon, & Feng Yang  what ever the reason is, it has been very painful.
Ernie is the litter mate of Kassa.
When they were about 18 months old we met at the local Pet Barn Animates. We discovered we lived very close to each other and one day Ernie came to visit.
He embarrassed his family, but Kassa and I thought he was fun and loved him. He still lifts his leg at the most inappropriate times, and I still laugh later.
After Kassa was diagnosed with cancer Kassy and I spent a lot of time with Ernie and and his family and grew to love them very much.
One day So Hoon gave our dogs a Xmas party. She bought lovely steak and Ernie who was nibbling away at his  and did not turn a hair when Kassa went over to him and started licking and eating the other end of the steak. Wow!!. If I had any doubts about taking him before, I didn't now after seeing this.
Kassa and Ernie loved each other and would have enjoyed being together.
 Soh Hoon sent Ernie to stay with me often after Kassa died and this helped me through my greiving process. I will always treasure this. In doing this it must have been very hard for her to see  her beloved dog go to another person.
I lost my Kassa, but gained a lovely friend Soh Hoon and together we share our faithfully companion Ernie.
Our house is different to the one he grew up in and it took him time to adjust to a different set of rules. I think he may have missed Kassa at first.
Ernie is  gentle, can be dominating at times, loves company, swimmming, diving under water and an inquisitive boy. If he gets the chance he will take a long walk by himself. His favourite hobby after swimming is stealing food.
A few weeks after Ernie came to live with me he was diagnosed with serious Hip Dyslpasia. We are all sad he has pain and I hope one day medication will be found that will ease this.
Ernie looks like Kassa, but he is not Kassa. He is Ernie, and I would not have him any other way.
 Another beautiful black Labrador and has charmed his way into my heart.
 We had hope to give Ernie one hip replacement, but this wasn't possible. I put an above ground pool for him to help and this has been great.
In August 2007 vets gave him an ultra sound and said it was seperation anxiety, because he destroys things. No way..
February 2008 It has been three years since the first time I bought Ernie home after Kassy died.
Three years to the day of her going Ernie had major surgery for suspected I.B.D. (Inflamatory bowel disease.) He hadn't been himself for many months and each time he had an episode of being lethargic, not eating it became worse and lasted longer. This wasn't seperation anxiety vets agreed it was I.B.D. or Pancreatitis.
Another ultra sound showed thickening and something they didn't like the look of so did exporatory surgery and found inflamtion.
He started on canned Hills ID costing about $53.00 a week and after surgery went on to Royal Canine  dry food and Prednisone to stop the inflamation.
This is a prescription food $95.00 for 7 kilos and we are hoping it will help. He is on a steroid Prednisone for 3-4 months and no other medications or food.


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