Kassabella her brother Ernie and their family.

Two precious Black Labradors.

Dedicated to Kassabella.
Kassa and Ernie
Kassa story
Our Oesteosarcoma ordeal
The diary.
More stories of Jaw Cancer.
JL and amazing kindness.
J.L.Tribute to kassa
Ernies Story.
Kassa & Ernie stories
Sleeping with dogs - to help you smile

please excuse spelling and grammar error. When i\I no longer have tears I will see them.
I started this webb page  in 2002 when Aidan was travelling, so he could pictures of Kassa as she grew up. She was three months old when he left.
I have updated and added to this site after Kassa died from Oesteosarcoma(O.S) of the jaw.
At the age of 2 years Kassa was diagnosed with Oesteosarcoma of the upper jaw. This is the most agressive cancer a dog could get.
There is not a lot of information on O.S. of the jaw. I wanted honesty, but didn't want to hear she will be dead in a month. I wanted to fight and find someone who had fought. I hope our story will  give others hope and the will to fight, but also the strenght to let them go with dignity if the battle is lost. 
Each dog and their owner is different. There is no right or wrong way to deal with any disease.
This is the story of how we fought a 10 month battle.
I said from the start, "I was not giving up until the fat lady sang, and I was not ready to sing." If there is even a glimmer of hope I was going to hang on to that.
The Oesteosarcoma won in the end, but my sweet Kassy put up a brave fight.
Ernie is Kassas' litter mate. I adopted him several months after Kassa died. Kassa loved Ernie and she would want him to be as treasured as she was. A few weeks after Ernie came to live with me he was diagnosed with serious Hip Dysplasia and ligament injury.
This is the story of two precious Labradors who at young ages have had to deal with pain.

This site is my work in progress, so please excuse any pages that look unfinished. My black labs and I have many experiences and fun together.This is not only place I can share them, but a place I may give hope to other owners and their dogs fighting diseases.

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