Kassabella her brother Ernie and their family.

J.L.Tribute to kassa

Dedicated to Kassabella.
Kassa and Ernie
Kassa story
Our Oesteosarcoma ordeal
The diary.
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J.L.Tribute to kassa
Ernies Story.
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Sleeping with dogs - to help you smile

This tribute was posted in the J.L. forum. This tribute is all that remains of the  many messages posted by the forum.The rest were lost when the forum was attacked by a virus.
I would like to thank each of you for all the things you have done.It would  end up like an academy award speech, and it is all you who should have an award not me.
Thank you Just labs forum for all you do for people and animals. It is  truely wonderful to know there people in the world ready to show such kindness to people they have never met.

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(2/11/05 2:20 pm)
My tribute to Kassabella
I can remember when Chris used to post how Kassa chewed through all the fences she put up.
I decided to put together a few picture I found as a memorial to one of our forum pups.
God bless you Kass